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Waste Hauler Insurance With WasteHaulerGuard


WasteHaulerGuard is designed for businesses with primary operations in commercial and residential waste hauling.

  • Non-hazardous* independent, solid waste haulers serving cities and towns with less than 150,000 in population
  • Rural and/or suburban route
  • 5-100 units in fleet
  • Radius of operations less than 75 miles
  • No ownership or operation of landfills
  • Minimum premium of $15,000

*Hazardous Waste Haulers, medical waste collections and owned landfills can be covered through our hazardous waste hauler program administered by Freberg Environmental.

Available in all states, except AK & NJ.

SIC Code:
4953 Refuse Systems

Contact us for Waste Hauler Insurance

The WasteHaulerGuard Insurance Program office is located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Our mailing address is:
1 New Hampshire Avenue, Suite 200
Portsmouth, NH 03801

For More Information on the services and products offered by WasteHaulerGuard, and to learn more about the best ways to address insurable business risks specific to the waste hauling industry, program contact information is below or click here for underwriter contact information.

WasteHaulerGuard Insurance Program
Toll Free: (888) 225-4725
Fax: (603) 334-3090
Email: wastehaulerguard.submissions@willis.com